Definitions for "Four colour process"
Keywords:  magenta, cyan, cmyk, colour, yellow
Full colour printing using colour separations -- an image is separated into the four process colours, cyan, magenta, yellow and black and placed on four different plates, each representing one of the colours. See CMYK.
A printing method that involves separating full-colour images into four different halftones by using colour filters of the opposite colour - such as, a red filter to capture a cyan halftone, blue to capture yellow, green to capture magenta. A four-colour image is reproduced by printing each halftone in one of four ink colours - magenta, cyan, yellow and black. The optical blending of these coloured dots recreates a continuous tone image.
Printing in the three subtractive primary colours - cyan, magenta, yellow and black, from a series of four halftone plates to reproduce continuous tone colour images.