Definitions for "Fountain"
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This is the name of a wedding veil style which will reach either to the shoulder or elbow where part is gathered up atop the bride head and the remainder set loose to fall around her face. elbow, depending on preference
A veil gathered at the crown of the head and cascading over the shoulders to form a "fountain" shape. Usually shoulder or elbow length.
This veil is gathered at the crown of the head to create a cascading effect around the face. Usually of shoulder- or elbow-length.
A reservoir or chamber to contain a liquid which can be conducted or drawn off as needed for use; as, the ink fountain in a printing press, etc.
The well on a printing press that holds the ink.
Container for ink or water on a printing press.
A static firework that creates a vertical column of sparks in a fountain effect. These are normally placed at ground level but a greater effect can be achieved by mounting them at a height (e.g. on a post or plank). Some fountains also contain crackling effects which can be quite loud. More info.
This firework is in a tube shape and produces an upward shower of sparks, these fireworks can last for quite a long time to produce a good low level effect
Device that projects a spray of sparks.
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A spring of water issuing from the earth.
An artificially produced jet or stream of water; also, the structure or works in which such a jet or stream rises or flows; a basin built and constantly supplied with pure water for drinking and other useful purposes, or for ornament.
Term used in many French speaking countries to describe the above-ground pump assembly.
Fountain is a 1917 work of art by Marcel Duchamp. It is one of the pieces which he called readymades (also known as found art), because he made use of an already existing object—in this case a urinal, which he titled Fountain and signed R. Mutt.
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or "momma and poppa" a gun station that throws two marks, one to each side of the position, in sequence.
two marks (a double) are thrown from two different gun stations in opposite directions, one right, one left.
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a very synonym of childish merriment
is like an arabesque. The only difference is that you are extending your leg to the front and leaning backwards. Also known as waterfall.
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A Model-View-Controller framework using purely XML configuration for the Controller and XSLT for the views. Acts as a Front side Controller for a Coldfusion/PHP/ASP/Java, Service Layer based Model.
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a bit more expensive than a checkmate
Beverage system used by retail outlets to dispense product into cups or glasses for immediate consumption.
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a place where new gil is added to the economy
A fountain promises joy and satisfaction and can also indicate increased sexual fulfilment.
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a great addition to the garden pond
an additional section
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a disaster waiting to happen
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an easy and aesthetic way to
Keywords:  summer, lovely, accessory, calls
a lovely summer accessory that calls
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a must-have item for your outdoor space
The source from which anything proceeds, or from which anything is supplied continuously; origin; source.
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A sub family to cross follow. See You can go to the ball..