Definitions for "Forums "
Forums lets users create their own message boards quickly.
public meetings for open discussion of issues
Online services have different ways of organizing information or people who belong to a similar interest group. For instance, the America Online network is divided into departments (Education and Reference, Entertainment, News & Finance, Lifestyles and Interests. People meet to discuss ideas in areas called forums. Within each department people often affiliate around a common interest. A group with an interest in high-risk students might choose to locate a bulletin board in a folder entitled "high-risk youth." Then they will leave messages for each other on the bulletin board, which is located in the folder.
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a better approach, which to me seems to be do anything remotely away from the party line and you get banned, with a way to pay for your way back in
a third-party website that is not under the control of big-boards
Websites where people go to exchange information and conversation between themselves.
a central location to communicate freely and maintains open access to old threads as well as the possibility to create new ones
a next-generation application that powers peer support through customer communities
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a document download center
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What is a web forum