Definitions for "Formation"
Mineral deposits and rock masses designated with reference to their origin; as, the siliceous formation about geysers; alluvial formations; marine formations.
A group of beds of the same age or period; as, the Eocene formation.
An identifiable single geologic horizon.
The arrangement of a body of troops, as in a square, column, etc.
The arrangement of fibers in a sheet of paper; can be seen by holding it up to a light source.
A similar structure or geologic arrangement of a soil or rock mass in certain regions.
A period of time set aside for candidates in preparation for Religious Life. During this time candidates learn more about the way of life they hope to follow.
An inclusive term referring to the total preparation of candidates for the religious life or priesthood. It embraces the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development of the person.
The process of theological education and spiritual development that takes place during the initial stages of joining a religious order. Formation is also used to describe the seminary training for men preparing for ordained ministry as priests.
the act of forming something; "the constitution of a PTA group last year"; "it was the establishment of his reputation"; "he still remembers the organization of the club"
a grouping of military units such as a Brigade, Division, Corps, Army or Army group
a group of soldiers that move and attack as a group
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Degree of fibre distribution uniformity in a sheet of paper. Uniform distribution is described as close formation, while an irregular one is said to be wild formation. Affects ink absorption and thus the printed image.
The uniformity of the distribution of fibers throughout the paper, which could influence the appearance, strength and mottle of the paper
Perfect formation when paper is held to the light has the appearance of ground glass. Poor formation has the appearance of fibre bundles or cloudiness. When they are uniformly distributed, solid ink coverage will go down smoothly. Poor formation may lead to print mottle.
a pattern of canopies (in CFS) or skydivers (in FS). The formations to be attempted during a dive are determined and practiced beforehand.
two or more skydivers linked together by grips
see "Flight"
A substance formed or deposited.
Key for the individual formation codes. Formation Code Meaning CO Coarse Outwash FO Fine Outwash LA Lacustrine LWT Late Wisconsinan Till EWT Early Wisconsinan Till IM Ice Marginal Deposits PT Peat UNC Undifferentiated Unconsolidated Deposits MS Massive Saprolite SS Structured Saprolite UDB Undifferentiated Bedrock N/A Unknown
a limiting step in chlorophyll biosynthesis, GluTR, which is encoded by the HEMA gene in Arabidopsis thaliana plays a vital role in that biosynthesis
The existential (perceptive and elaborating) process of the idema by means of which born and "form itself" the idioaitherion.
The formation is what connects the sleepers with the ground, the tracks foundations. As our track runs over heavy clay, we have clay, sand, a non-perminable membrane and finally balast
here, where a chef studies and, more importantly, under who or where he serves his apprentiship
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glacial drift - NR
The surface of the finished earthworks, excluding cut or fill batters.
Correspondence between Formation projects and the Sourceforge community.
natural process that causes something to form; "the formation of gas in the intestine"; "the formation of crystals"; "the formation of pseudopods"
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A hen requires about 24 to 26 hours to produce and egg. Thirty minutes later, she starts all over again.
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Formation or dance formation is a team of dance couples. Formation of a dance team is the specification of positions of dancers or dance couples on the floor relative to each other and directions the dancers face or move with respect to others.
The manner in which a thing is formed; structure; construction; conformation; form; as, the peculiar formation of the heart.
formation reaction. A reaction that forms one mole of a compound from its elements in their most stable forms. For example, the formation reaction for water is H2(g) + ½O2 H2O().
Development of software and content for IT education
a process of education by which people can learn about the Founder and live according to his spirit.
A general term applied in the well-logging industry to the external environment of the drilled well bore.
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See Instead: Setup
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The act of giving form or shape to anything; a forming; a shaping.
the fabrication of something in a particular shape
a collection of substances that takes a definite shape
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a major control point of fatty acid synthesis
For more information see Classification of Ecological Communities.
A recognized, technically significant chart pattern. While every chart pattern is unique, each general type tends to yield similar results.
creation by mental activity; "the formation of sentences"; "the formation of memories"
A wing of two or more aircraft proceeding together.
Latin formatio "formation" Layer-row, which originated in a certain period of the Earth history and definitely stand out against the under and above settling layers.