Definitions for "Forest management"
The protection, manipulation, and utilization of the forest to provide multiple benefits, such as timber harvesting, water transpiration, wildlife habitat, etc.
Forest Stewardship] (1) Proper care and control of wooded land to maintain health, vigor, product flow, and other values (soil condition, water quality, wildlife preservation and beauty) in order to accomplish specific objectives. (2) The practical application of scientific, economic and social principles to forest property.
Under the Kyoto Protocol it is a system of practices for stewardship and use of forest land aimed at fulfilling relevant ecological (including biological diversity), economic and social functions of the forest in a sustainable manner. Canada must decide by late 2006 whether it wishes to include this activity in its Kyoto Protocol accounting in the first commitment period.
The art of controlling, changing or modifying forest areas for the benefit of potential users and the forest.