Definitions for "Foreground"
On a painting, and sometimes in a bas-relief, mosaic picture, or the like, that part of the scene represented, which is nearest to the spectator, and therefore occupies the lowest part of the work of art itself. Cf. Distance, n., 6.
The area of a work which appears closet to the viewer, usually at the bottom of the work.
Thr area of the screen that the active window occupies. See also background.
A foreground texture map that covers all rendered polygons. Primarily used in the Decal or Genlock modes so as to permit partially obscured views of the polygons.
move into the foreground to make more visible or prominent; "The introduction highlighted the speaker's distinguished career in linguistics"
a term used in a multiprocessing environment to refer to the process which is visible on the screen and obviously active
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what's in front. (Drawing Lesson 17)
Area in an image closer than the main subject.
The area in front of the main subject.
A program that is accepting or controlling a terminal's input is said to be running in the foreground.
Programs running while connected to the interactive session.
The program currently running on your computer. Most computers have the ability to operate more than one application at a time, called multitasking. The program that is receiving instructions from your mouse or keyboard is the one running in the foreground.
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Vordergrund The surface layer of the music more...
The part of an illustration or photo that receives the most attention.
(computer science) a window for an active application
Part of a window frame that includes the outer border and the title bar (if any), which are usually black.
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The design used when drawing with +foreground-ink+ .
The interactive processing environment in which current commands are processed before returning control to the user.