Definitions for "Forearm"
Keywords:  foreleg, elbow, ulna, limb, radius
To arm or prepare for attack or resistance before the time of need.
That part of the arm or fore limb between the elbow and wrist; the antibrachium.
The lower part of the arm consisting of the radius and ulna.
That part of the firearm (usually a longarm) forward of the action, which is held by the shooters front hand when using a two-hand hold. Also called a Fore-end or Fore-stock
The part of the stock that lies under the barrel.
The portion of wood that is attached under the barrel of a rifle or shotgun. It is helpful in improving the grip on the gun and isolates the shooter's hand from any heat coming from the barrel, especially useful when shooting blackpowder.
Forearm (Michael McCain) is a fictional mutant villain in the Marvel Comics universe. He was first introduced as a member of the Mutant Liberation Front in New Mutants (first series) #86, after Rob Liefeld took over as the penciller of the series. Forearm has always been a mainstay on the terrorist group's roster, even staying through leader change and surviving incarceration.
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Polymorphism Vitro Pontine
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On the butt of the cue, the area above the grip/wrap up to the joint.
on two piece cues, the area of the cue between the joint and the wrap.
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The forward part of a two-piece stock. Sometimes called Fore-end.