Definitions for "forbearance"
A lenders postponement of foreclosure in order to give the borrower time an opportunity to make up for overdue payments.
An arrangement whereby the lender may permit the temporary cessation of payments (principal and/or interest), or allow an extension of time for making payments, or accepting smaller payments than were previously scheduled.
An arrangement whereby the lender may delay the repayment of a student loan because of financial hardship.
The quality of being forbearing; indulgence toward offenders or enemies; long-suffering.
Any indulgence a party gives to another party to a contract who is late in meeting her obligations under the contract.
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The act of forbearing or waiting; the exercise of patience.
Giving up the right to enforce what one honestly believes to be a valid claim, in return for a promise. It is sufficient consideration to make a promise binding.
The waiving of a covenant in a mortgage document.
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This is when one party to an agreement does not pursue their rights even though another party to the agreement has not kept to the agreement's terms.
a written agreement where you send a lump-sum amount to the lender
An agreement not to collect money owed.
negotiating tactic involving putting off the decision for no apparent reason
To grant an extension of time to certain distressed banks from minimum regulatory requirements.
A regulatory body's decision not to exercise its authority over a given market or company, usually because there is competition.
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putting up with the faults of others
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