Definitions for "footer"
A footer is any information located in the bottom margin of a document that is repeated on every page or every other page, such as page numbers or file names.
An area at the bottom of a slide or printed page, above the margin, that will be repeated on each slide or page. You often find the page or slide number, the creation date, and copyright info in a footer.
headline or title that appears at the bottom of a page.
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v. meddle, fidget, tinker
The concrete slab that supports all foundation walls.
Cement foundation on a roller coaster which support the ride's structure.
The concrete reinforced supporting base or groundwork of the home.
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(used only in combinations) the height or length of something in feet; "he is a six-footer"; "the golfer sank a 40-footer"; "his yacht is a 60-footer"
a favorable commercial tool with a wide audience," said Bajer of Centrum
Last part of a Vitalnet table. Lists other details of the analysis, such as the date and time produced, and the data sources. Each table is assigned a unique ID, listed in the footer, to assist you in keeping track of and organizing analyses.
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a collection of paragraphs
An area at the end of an email message or newsletter that contains information that doesn't change from one edition to the next, such as contact information,the company's postal address or the email address the recipient used to subscribe to mailings. Some software programs can be set to place this information automatically.
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an important final touch to the site
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A formatting style designated in HTML by a specific tag and used at the end of an HTML file.
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a person who travels by foot.
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Wording which occurs at the lower portion of the front panel.