Definitions for "Foosball "
Keywords:  soccer, upperclassmen, wiess, tep, yeah
Foosball is an open source foosball game that uses SDL. It allows you to play against the computer, to play against a friend, or to watch a demo. Various formations and game speeds are available.
Table Football Network game
aka table soccer. You know, the stupid game with little plastic guys on rods that you shove back and forth and twist to kick a little plastic ball? Yeah, that one. It's an obsession at TEP. It always follows the same cycle. Freshmen enter TEP, they play foosball, and get destroyed by the upperclassmen playing with one hand tied behind their back (I've done this :) ). They then vow to become better at foos, and destroy the upperclassmen - seeing as they are freshmen on Pass/Fail, they have infinitely more time to practice, and generally by the end of that year they are the best in the house, at which point a new crop of freshmen enter, and the cycle repeats.