Definitions for "Food Pyramid"
A graphic aid to a healthy diet. The foodstuffs at the bottom of the pyramid are encouraged as being low calorie - high volume, and at the top; foods are placed that should not be consumed often, they being high calorie - low volume foods.
a way of expressing the availability of food in an ecosystem at a successive number of trophic levels.
a graphic representation of food chain relationships in which organisms are arranged by trophic or feeding levels; producers form the base and each successive level contributes to the tiers which form the apex, or highest point (Carnivores, such as the Timber Rattlesnake, are frequently at the "top" of a food pyramid
a model that demonstrates how much energy is needed to sustain a particular living thing
a model that demonstrates how much energy is needed to sustain Namecards of chaparral plants, animals, and sun (enough for your class)
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