Definitions for "foo"
The first metasyntactic variable. A generic word, not really an acronym, used as a variable name. Often found in conjunction with bar, and ultimately derived from the acronym FUBAR. For a really good feeling of what FUBAR is all about, see the movie Saving Private Ryan. In fact, see the movie anyway, but now you have something to look out for... :^)
Typical general variable name in computer science, especially liked by people who have been exposed to Lisp. Usually used with its friends, Bar and Baz. Comes from a military expression, fubar, meaning "f***ed up beyond all recognition". Related to snafu, meaning "situation normal all f***ed up".  You will soon understand this...
Metasyntatic variable. A metasyntatic variable is a string that stands for or represents any syntactically appropriate string, number, or other variable. Unlike normal syntactic variables, a metasyntatic variable stands for a value of any acceptable type. For example, foo in dir foo ,
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Foo is the world of dreams in Obert Skye's Leven Thumps series. Although it has many original inhabitants, most of its current dwellers are from Reality, and are known as nits.Foo is currently divided between those who follow the forces of individuals like Sabine (Fictional character) and Jamoon, who wish to merge Foo with reality, and the forces who follow Geth, who seek to keep Foo in its current state.
1. interj. Term of disgust. 2. Used very generally as a sample name for absolutely anything, esp. programs and files. ... etymology is obscure.
Foo roughly means "stuff." It tends to be used as a suffix, such as "computer-foo," which would mean computer-related information or objects. An adjunct to foo is fu, which tends to take on a negative connotation. "Computer fu" indicates bad things happening to the computer.
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This is a randow word. See FooBar.
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Forward Observation Officer KAR
foo is a sound synthesis framework which provides high-level abstracted ways of creating and manipulating sounds via a scheme language interface. foo is designed for highest audio quality rather than highest performance.
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