Definitions for "Fontanelle"
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Pale, depressed spot on front of head of certain termites (Skaife, 1979); small gland orifice or opening (Fuller, 1915).
The “soft spots” located at the top and back of the baby's head where the bones of the skull have not fused together. These soft areas allows for the molding of the baby's head as it passes through the birth canal and gradually disappears as the child grows older. The posterior (back of the head) fontanelle usually closes by three months of age. The anterior (top of the head) fontenelle usually closes by 12 months of age.
soft spot on skull of new-born babies.
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Fontanelle is an album by Riot grrl band Babes in Toyland, released on August 11, 1992. It was the band's first release on a major label (Reprise Records, a division of Warner Music), and their first recording to feature Maureen Herman on bass.
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Fontanelle (Gloria Dayne) is a fictional mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe. Her first appearance was in Gambit (3rd series) #1.
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Small opening, as in the roof of the scull in some spadefoot toads (Stebbins, 2003).
A perforated wooden cover for the foot key of an early model recorder. Its purpose is to provide protection for the valuable metal work behind it, without affecting the sound. The pattern of holes is repeated round the barrel shaped cover. Nowadays metalwork is inexpensive and the highly ornamental fontanelle adds a huge premium to the cost of the recorder. If you have ever tried to make anything like it, even on a flat surface, you will understand why. Picture
Same as Fontanel, 2.