Definitions for "follow-up"
a piece of work that exploits or builds on earlier work; "his new software is a follow-up to the programs they started with"
a generic term referring to postdecisions of proponents or environmental authorities in relation to previous consent decisions and EISs prepared
A Usenet posting that is a response to an earlier message.
a must if you truly want to pursue a job opening
When an enemy in contact with an "impetuous" troop element (i.e. knight, warband, or scythed chariot) recoils, flees, breaks off, or is destroyed, the impetuous element must pursue or "follow-up" one base depth.
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a second (or subsequent) action to increase the effectiveness of an initial action. Also used attributively; as a follow-up visit.
Contact with a person being studied, made after the first stage of the study, to see if there have been changes since then, and to see how long changes last. The term can also mean the length of time a person is studied, or the length of time between stages in the study.
A doctor's or researcher's examination of patient signs and symptoms after a test or treatment have been given.
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Same as sidebar.
Actions taken to maintain the strengths and address the weaknesses that were identified in the evaluation of the student.
Observation over a period of time of an individual, group, or initially defined population whose relevant characteristics have been assessed in order to observe changes in health status or health-related variables. ( Harm, Prognosis)
The term used to indicate an action (usually corrective action) that is supposed to take place after some kind of occurrence and based on an accident or incident report.
A subsequent story providing information discovered or events happening after a first story was published.
Story giving later developments of an event already reported.
A story that gives new developments about the subject of a previously published story. Folio Page number.
A Service Desk/Help Desk/Support Centre or company representative verifies that the customer's problem has been resolved to the customer's satisfaction and that the problem has not recurred.
See also Primary means of follow-up Opportunities provided to verify implementation of activity content. Close
Services provided via e-mail or telephone calls following the initial conclusion of their service (usually 4 to 6 weeks) to ensure that the transition is progressing well and to answer any questions that have surfaced.
Monitoring of job, task, or project progress to see that operations are performed on schedule.
an activity that continues something that has already begun or that repeats something that has already been done
A date an attorney gives a forwarder advising when he will be able to report with further information on a claim.
Assessment of program impact after program completion. Follow-up may be limited to as little as several days or as long as several years.
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See Status.