Definitions for "Follicle"
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A small cavity, tubular depression, or sac; as, a hair follicle.
A simple gland or glandular cavity; a crypt.
folliculus = little bag (dim. of L. follis).
A simple podlike pericarp which contains several seeds and opens along the inner or ventral suture, as in the peony, larkspur and milkweed.
A simple fruit dehiscent along one suture.
A dry fruit, usually many-seeded. Opens only along one side as in milkweed.
A pore in the skin from which a hair grows.
A tiny opening in the skin which hair grows through.
Tubular depression in the skin from which a hair or wool fibre grows.
The accumulation of the tallow and other materials of its skin (cells, pigment and bacteria) under surface of the skin. This one is how the acne begins again to the cover To the knot, the knob, the protuberance, or the small swelling.
The buildup of sebum and other materials from your skin (cells, pigment and bacteria) under the skin's surface. This is how acne begins. A small knot, knob, protuberance, or swelling.
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a cluster of cells allium Scan - the patient is injected with radioactive gallium and scanned with a detection machine 2-5 days later. The gallium moves towards sources of inflammation/infection. Detailed information.
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A small mass of adenoid tissue; as, a lymphatic follicle.