Definitions for "Folklore"
Tales, legends, or superstitions long current among the people; the unwritten literature of a culture, such as stories, proverbs, riddles and songs.
traditional culture comprised of stories, songs, skills, art, customs, beliefs and values, handed down from generation to generation (Many Pinelands customs, such as decorating family gravesites with grave blankets, are part of the folklore of Pinelands residents.)
(folk•lore) n. – the traditional stories, sayings and culture of a group of people.
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Fossils have been thought to be many different things in folklore. The fossil shells of belemnites (an extinct squid-like creature), for example, were believed to be thunderbolts hurled down to the Earth by the gods; while the tusks of mammoths were identified as unicorn horns. See also Devil's toenail, toadstones and snakestones.
Folklore is the second album by Canadian singer-songwriter Nelly Furtado, released by Dream Works Records in the United States on November 25 2003 (see 2003 in music).