Definitions for "folio"
A leaf of a book or manuscript.
A sheet of paper once folded.
A book made of sheets of paper each folded once (four pages to the sheet); hence, a book of the largest kind. See Note under Paper.
A number assigned by a lodging merchant for tracking a guest's charges.
An itemized list of hotel charges that the end user accrues.
Written or electronic record of hotel guest's account of financial transactions within the property.
A photography portfolio management system that is maintained completely within a database. This system will support photo albums and sharing of images between users.
a leatherette padded cover photography presentation that will usually hold multiple photographs
a semantic unit of text that is the rough equivalent of a paragraph
A collection of your personal artistic work to be submitted for assessment to gain admission to visual arts courses.
a collection of all of your work
a collection of materials that should ideally be collected into predetermined categories
a document which describes the property registered and refers to a plan on the Registry maps, the registered owner, any burdens (e
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a basket of securities
A representative collection of work by one individual. It should illustrate what the student has achieved and may imply next steps in learning. Sometimes called a portfolio.
a cross between a discount brokerage and a mutual fund
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a large envelope which holds a print in place, thus keeping it safe and secure from possible damage
A flat container for holding/storing artwork
a account for unit holder which can have multiple related certificate.