Definitions for "FOLEY"
A process of sound editing that is completed during the post-production process. Certain sounds, eg punching, walking, breaking glass, are added to the final film in this process.
Sound effects added to a film soundtrack, such as footsteps and doors closing.
The art of recreating incidental sound effects, such as footsteps or rustling clothes, synchronized with a moving picture. Named after one of its first practitioners.
Joe McCreary, known professionally as Foley, played bass guitar for Miles Davis from 1987 until 1991. Foley spent many years playing in Columbus, Ohio and his native Cincinnati, composing and recording his own music. Though Foley sometimes fulfills the role of a lead guitarist, he actually plays "lead bass."
a long skinny tube that gets put into a person's bladder to let the urine come out
a tube inserted into the eurethra, up and into the bladder
a type of catheter that is inserted into the urethra to allow drainage of the bladder and collection of urine samples.
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