Definitions for "folded"
Keywords:  bent, tophat, midrib, keel, collapsed
made compact by bending or doubling over.
bent over or doubled up so that one part lies on another; "a folded map"; "a folded tophat is collapsed"; "when a bird's wings are brought close to the body they are spoken of as folded"
bent upward parallel to midrib, keel-shaped.
Used to indicate paper that is folded either at the top or along the left side. On a traditional, side-fold invitation, the wording is printed on the outside cover with the inside right and left panels entirely blank. If decoration is on the cover, the wording is printed on the inside right panel of a side-fold paper and the bottom panel of a top-fold. One item, “Under the Chuppah” is tri-fold with a fold on the right and left sides allowing three panels of printing when fully opened. Another, “L'Amour”, is folded twice from the bottom, then opens from below to reveal vertical printing along the entire inside.
Foliate embryo with cotyledons usually thin and extensively expanded and folded in various ways.
a worst-case scenario most artists have just had nightmares about
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Another Middle Eastern style of bead where by the layers of glass are folded over creating the patterned lumpy bead. Here is a picture of one.
Literally, the folding over of the glass onto itself to create a stronger edge. Commonly found on lamp shade tops.
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Four Color
Four Colour