Definitions for "Foam"
The white substance, consisting of an aggregation of bubbles, which is formed on the surface of liquids, or in the mouth of an animal, by violent agitation or fermentation; froth; spume; scum; as, the foam of the sea.
To gather foam; to froth; as, the billows foam.
To form foam, or become filled with foam; -- said of a steam boiler when the water is unduly agitated and frothy, as because of chemical action.
Open cell foam is a type of foam where the cells will allow air to pass through them. This foam is the kind used in couch cousins. Open cell foam compresses much better than closed cell foam making it very soft. The down side to its great compression is that hard objects can easily pass through them so open cell foam should only be used in thick layers. Open cell foam is also more expensive than closed cell foam. You can buy it at most fabric stores. It's used on shields, and thrusting tips.
can result in pools that have used quaternary ammonium compound (QUATS) algaecides. This can be made worse, if there is an air leak in the return line. In spas, body oils can react with the natural alkalinity of the water and form "soaps". Aeration will increase the foaming problem. Anti-Foam products and enzyme products are useful in controlling the problem.
A mixture of air and fluid that might be found floating on top of the fluid in the reservoir. A slight amount of foam in not unusual but excessive amounts can interfere with the release of air and could even come out breathers. In extreme cases it can be thick enough that foam is sucked into the pump suction. Foaming tendencies and stability characteristics can be measured with standard tests such as ASTM D-892 or ISO 6247. New fluid should produce very little foam while in-service contamination and/or fluid degradation will cause it to get worse.
means polyurethane.
a highly effective insulator
an insulator, and you can sit on it, too
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Urea formaldehyde form, mixed on site and pumped into the cavities where it sets. Can lead to problems if dampness and make investigation/replacement of wall ties more difficult.
"Foams" are a culinary technique invented by Spanish chef Ferran Adrià and consist of natural flavors (like fruit juices, savory essences) mixed with a gelling agent such as agar, and extruded through a whipped cream canister equipped with N2O cartridges. Foams have been described as "airy," with the flavor taking precedence over the substance it is suspended in.
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The structural element that holds each row of TOFp Slats at the proper position and angle w.r.t. the bottom of the Tray. ...return to alphabet
a large keyboard shelf with integrated pencil tray
Positive electrode made with a porous nickel metal instead of a nickel sintered strip. Thicker and porous, it holds more active material greatly increasing it's capacity.
a synthetic material with the weight and density similar to cork
Folyurethane plastic material used to make the core of the surfboard
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To cause to foam; as, to foam the goblet; also (with out), to throw out with rage or violence, as foam.
an integral part of a field out in Timbuktu, without ever leaving drafting table house
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Polyethylene: See Cellular (Foam) Polyethylene.
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a wonderful medium, but care must be taken
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a filler and packaging product.
Introduces a higher degree of comfort
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a usual poker table