Definitions for "Flushing"
Feeding extra feed to stimulate estrus and ovulation rates.
increasing energy intake 10 to 14 days prior to estrus to increase number of ova ovulated
Management practice of improving a ewe's plane of nutrition just prior to mating to improve ovulation rate.
A bright red appearance of the face and chest produced by intermittent dilatation of the small blood vessels of skin caused by physical stimulation, i.e., drinking a hot beverage/alcohol, eating spicy foods or environmental temperature extremes.
Sufferers experience mild warm areas, normally on the face, no redness or blotches appear unlike blushing
Flushing is redness in the face, neck or chest caused by a substance, physical stimulus or environment. It is a dilatation of the small blood vessels in the skin.
A process of pipe cleaning through the increased flow of high pressure water.
Flushing is the process of running the water until all the water standing in the system has been replaced with fresh water. It usually takes a few minutes and uses one to two gallons. The contaminated water that you flush out of your pipes should not be used for consumption (i.e., drinking, bathing, or even washing dishes and clothes.) If you are trying to conserve water, use this water for non-edible plants. You must do this for each drinking water faucet, because taking a shower will not flush your kitchen tap. Flushing is important because the longer water is exposed to lead pipes or solder, the greater the possibility of lead contamination. The water that comes out after flushing will not have been in extended contact with lead pipes or solder and should contain less lead.
Exchange of water from one location to another, generally referring to a pulse of rain water flowing through a river or creek or to tidal exchange
a set of new leaves, specifically two leaves and a bud for average-to-good tea and only the growth bud and the next youngest leaf for a premium-quality tea
The opening of buds and appearance of leaves. see also Phenology.
The dog forcing the bird to leave the ground, taking flight.
Flushing (or Flush) is a military tactic employed by skirmishers (normally infantry). This is where multiple skirmishing units work together using guerilla warfare tactics or espionage in order to maintain a strategic advantage over the enemy before attacking major strategic points (ie outposts, airports and docks) which will hold trade and gains time to make an offensive. After these major strategic points are damaged, the opposing countries' military might will go mainly into the preservation of other such strategic points, most commonly in the immediate aea of the past assaults.
A high-magnitude, short duration release from a reservoir to scour fine-grained sediments from the streambed and restore suitable instream habitat.
Describes the dielectric movement through the spark gap that is necessary in EDM to cool the electrode/wire and workpiece and remove machining chips and debris caused by the ED machining process.
A circulation process designed to remove contamination. ( 099)
Refilling a follicle with a special fluid to ensure aspiration of the egg.
a fluid circulation process designed to remove contamination from the wetted surfaces of a fluid system.
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friezes gravity guild hoisting
A heavy, coarse cloth manufactured from shoddy; -- commonly in the ?
Out the Queue. Changing system thresholds so that calls waiting for an agent group are redirected to another group with a shorter queue or available agents.
The process of washing captured particles out of a filter.
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A surface formed of floating threads.
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Used to describe the heat sensation patients feel in the head area.
Fitting two things so they are completely level and form an even surface.