Definitions for "Fluid Retention"
The accumulation of fluid within the tissue, causing puffiness; often in the legs and feet. Fluid retention may be caused by increased capillary fluid pressure, or restriction of the veins, pressure from casts or tight bandages. Treatment may include the administration of potassium-sparring diuretics to promote the excretion of fluid and sodium. Also known as edema.
Excessive accumulation of fluid in the body, often caused by ingesting too much salt or sodium.
failure to eliminate fluids from the body because of a high level of salt in the body, or a renal, cardiac, or metabolic disease. Free Radical - An atom or group of atoms that is highly chemically reactive because it has at least one unpaired electron. Because they join so readily with other compounds, free radicals can attack cells and cause a lot of damage in the body. Free radicals form in heated fats and oils, and as a result of exposure to atmospheric radiation and environmental pollutants, among other things.