Definitions for "Flowers"
Flowers is the third album by Swedish pop music group, Ace of Base. It was released on July 14, 1998 in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and August 10 in the United Kingdom. An American version, titled Cruel Summer, was released on September 1, later that year, but is generally considered inferior.
Flowers is the eighth U.S. studio album by The Rolling Stones, released in 1967. A mishmash collection, these tracks had either appeared as singles, been left off of the American versions of Aftermath and Between the Buttons, culled from studio sessions dating back several years, or simply reissues of songs recently released on other albums.
Flowers is a music album by Echo & the Bunnymen. It was released in 2001.
the reproductive organ of plants that consists of a floral peduncle, calyx, corolla, stamen and carpels.
The reproductive structures in angiosperm sporophytes where gametophytes are generated. PICTURE
All trees have flowers but not all are showy. Some flowers have both male and female parts. Other flowers may be only male or only female. Sometimes, male and female flowers occur on separate trees. The female parts consist of ovaries, stigmas, and styles. The male flowers consist of stamens and anthers. Petals or petal-like parts, when they are present, are usually associated with flowers that have female parts. Ovaries occur at the base of a flower and have a tube, called a style, with a sticky end, called a stigma. It is sticky to help catch pollen grains. Fertilized ovaries will grow into fruits. The anthers produce pollen, usually at the end of thin stalk called the stamen. [To return to previous page, click your browser's BACK button then scroll through the page to your last location
Flowers in Blake represent transient beauty and femininity, especially the female genitalia, but one should also pay attention to the species of each flower he mentions or depicts, since many of his flower images draw upon myths, folklore, poetic conventions, and/or the humanized botanical narratives in Erasmus Darwin's The Botanic Garden (1789-91).
Fresh, live flowers give off lots of vital, yang energy and are a beautiful way to enliven a space, especially when placed in the east, southeast wood sector. Avoid displays of dried or pressed flowers, since these are extremely yin and are considered unhealthy. Remove flowers as they start to wilt, as they become magnets for yin energy.
The Superstition: Real flowers must never be used on stage. The Origin: The problem with real flowers is that they have to be replaced; especially on a stage, which is given to all kinds or false light and dark throughout a day. Real, fresh flowers can be expensive; and I've never known a theatre company has money to spare. Not to mention actors who may be allergic
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Cannabis buds.
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a full-service florist
Flowers made from paper, vellum or fabric are popular embellishments for craft projects.
A sublimate; the term arises from the radiate crystals resembling flowers that are often produced during the sublimation of certain substances. The term "flowers of sulfur" is still used occasionally today to refer to sulfur purified by sublimation.
More important than you might think! To decorate the venue and to present to speakers.
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A sub family to cross follow. See You can go to the ball..