Definitions for "floor"
The bottom or lower part of any room; the part upon which we stand and upon which the movables in the room are supported.
The structure formed of beams, girders, etc., with proper covering, which divides a building horizontally into stories. Floor in sense 1 is, then, the upper surface of floor in sense 2.
A story of a building. See Story.
The part of the house assigned to the members.
The securities trading areas of the NYSE consisting of four rooms; the main room, the garage, the blue room, and the bond room. (See Trading Ring)
Refers to action before the full House or full Senate. A bill on the Senate floor is being considered by the full Senate.
The lowest possible price limit set by market makers, regulatory bodies or controlling...
An option that pays an amount of interest on an agreed-upon amount of notional principal whenever the market index is below the floor's predetermined base.
The rate below which the interest rate of an adjustable rate mortgage may not decline.
To strike down or lay level with the floor; to knock down; hence, to silence by a conclusive answer or retort; as, to floor an opponent.
surprise greatly; knock someone's socks off; "I was floored when I heard that I was promoted"
knock down with force; "He decked his opponent"
a surface on which you may stand. Floors may be slats in fabric sleeves, interlocking or hinged sections of wood, aluminum or composite materials, or fiberglass as in Ribs.
Of course, we know that a floor is what you stand on (or sit, or lie, or jump, or whatever you like). A floor in an inflatable boat can consist of a series of slats made of wood, aluminum, fiberglass or other composite materials.
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Refers to the minimum classification number a roper must have in order to participate in a specific roping. Example: If a roping has a #6 floor, no roper who has a classification less than a #6 is eligible to compete.
A term used in the lower of cost or market (LCM) that serves as a constraint for the market value. In the LCM for inventory, the floor is the net realizable value (NRV) minus the normal profit. This means that if the replacement cost of an inventory item is less than this amount, this amount becomes the market amount that will be compared with the item's cost for valuing inventory under LCM. To learn more, see Explanation of Lower of Cost or Market To Top
A minimum or set amount of public financing or other public resources (e.g., free media or postage) available to all eligible candidates.
The trading area where securities are bought and sold on an exchange. It is far less of the bull pit it used to be since the advent of screen trading.
The area of a stock exchange where active trading occurs. Also the price at which a stop order is activated (when the price drops low enough to activate such an order).
An agreement with a counterparty that sets a lower limit to interest rates for the floor buyer for a stated time. A term for an exchanges trading area (cf. screen based trading), normally the trading area is referred to as a pit in the commodities and futures markets.
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working level of a quarry, usually numbered or lettered
Working level of a slate quarry.
The floor of a value is the greatest whole number less than that value. See also ceiling.
Rounding mode that rounds to the closest representable number in the direction of negative infinity. See also ceiling (round toward), convergent rounding, nearest (round toward), rounding, truncation, zero (round toward)
greatest integer less than or equal to a given number. Symbol
an offer made for a book by a publishing company on the basis that after an auction of the rights in which it does not participate it may exercise topping rights to secure the acquisition.
In gymnastics, the floor refers to a specially prepared exercise surface, which is considered an Aparatus. It is used by both male and female gymnasts.
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The right to speak; as, the gentleman from Iowa has the floor.
a necessity if you're planning not to share your sleeping space with furry friends or seeping rain
In bidding for paperback reprint or other rights to a book or manuscript, a first serious offer, generally a sum of some size that represents the least amount for which rights to the book will be sold, even though the seller will try to better it by interesting other potential buyers in the property. A floor may also be established by a seller as the price under which a book or manuscript will not be sold.
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The surface, or the platform, of a structure on which we walk or travel; as, the floor of a bridge.
The base of the plate which supports the relief image of the plate. The floor is calculated by subtracting the relief from the total plate thickness.
That part of the bridge which directly receives the travel. (Plate IL, Fig. 13.)
the parliamentary right to address an assembly; "the chairman granted him the floor"
a community, and what is displayed in the communty should be a community decision
The area of the casino that is open to players. The floor excludes areas that are off-limits to guests.
The area of the court within the end lines and the sidelines.
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A layer of stone, brick or boards, etc, on which people tread. Use broader site type where known. back
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Industry jargon for a section. A double-wide consists of two floors. Factory output is measured by the number of floors produced per day or week.
a single-section home or one section of a multi-section home
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n. 1. The British (and Europeans as well) start counting floors of a building with zero. The first floor is the GROUND FLOOR, the second is the FIRST FLOOR etc.
the ground on which people and animals move about; "the fire spared the forest floor"
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Load As commonly used, the live-weight-supporting capabilities of a floor, measured in pounds per square foot; the weight, stated in pounds per square foot, which may be safely placed on the floor of a building, if uniformly distributed.
the occupants of a floor; "the whole floor complained about the lack of heat"
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To cover with a floor; to furnish with a floor; as, to floor a house with pine boards.
an incentive to the investor, whereas a cap is a protection to the issuer
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Place for all food not found on lap or chair.
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Maximum payout of a put option. Also known as a put spread
The upward facing structure of a building.
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a relative kind of thing
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To finish or make an end of; as, to floor a college examination.
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See price floor.
the price at which a stop order becomes effective
Collection of floorlets maturing at different times.
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See floorperson.