Definitions for "Floodplains"
Frequently inundated (flooded) lands bordering rivers and streams.
Related Topics: [ wetlands] Floodplain communities, despite their proximity to rivers, are classified as palustrine wetlands. The rationale for this is that riverine communities are exposed to flowing water while palustrine wetlands - as well as floodplains - contain more or less still water. Floodplains provide numerous benefits to society, not least of which is their capacity to check flood events. As long as a river is constricted to a channel, the height and velocity of its water will rise rapidly in response to storm events. However, as soon as a river's water has exceeded its banks and enters a floodplain it is forced to spread out - losing most of its velocity and capacity for rising in the process.
( May Monsoon Prep) - level land that may be submerged by floodwaters. Plains built up by stream deposits.