Definitions for "Flooding"
The filling or covering with water or other fluid; overflow; inundation; the filling anything to excess.
An abnormal or excessive discharge of blood from the uterus.
A common Denial of Service attack, in which a large amount of data is continually streamed to a single port of a system. The victim computer may slow down or even crash due to the excessive processing overhead.
an extinction procedure in which a phobic client is exposed to a stimulus that evokes intense anxiety. (526)
Overwhelmed by, or awash in, one’s emotions.
(implosion) A behavior therapy procedure for phobias and other problems involving maladaptive anxiety, in which anxiety producers are presented in intense forms, either in imagination or in real life. The presentations, which act as desensitizers, are continued until the stimuli no longer produce disabling anxiety.
This is where there is too much fuel in the combustion chamber of an engine, causing it to choke and not fire, due to increasing pressure. Report this Word See also: Choking the Engine Added by: BenjyTheUltimate
Excess fuel in the cylinders makes starting difficult or impossible.
A condition that occurs when the fuel level in the float bowl is too high. Flooding occurs when the float level is incorrectly adjusted, the float is rubbing on the side of the fuel bowl or the fuel inlet needle is held off the seat by some foreign matter or by a worn out seat. A flooded float bowl causes the idle and main circuit to deriver an air/fuel mixture that's too rich to burn. ƒI[ƒo[ƒtƒ[‚Æ‚©ƒJƒuƒŠ‚Ì‚±‚Æ‚©B yFour-barrel carburetorz 4‚‚̃{ƒAA4‚‚̃Xƒƒbƒgƒ‹ƒvƒŒ[ƒg‚Ì‚ ‚éƒLƒƒƒu‚Ì‚±‚ƁB2ƒoƒŒƒ‹ƒLƒƒƒu‚ªƒyƒA‚ō‡‘Ì‚µ‚Ä1‚‚ɂȂÁ‚1/2ƒLƒƒƒuB
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Deliberately sending data faster than, or without regard to, the throughput capacity of the network. This causes congestion and data loss. Many audio/video protocols and some UDP based transport mechanisms cause flooding. Even TCP can cause periodic flooding. MTP is specifically designed to avoid flooding the network, thus improving speed and efficiency.
Flooding is a tactic used in the sport of Australian rules football. It involves the coach releasing players in the forward line from their set positions and directing them to the opposition forward area, congesting the area and making it more difficult for the opposition to score. It is commonly deployed to protect a lead, or prevent a rout.
A condition caused by too much liquid refrigerant entering the evaporator. Usually caused because of an expansion valve being lodged (stuck) open.
When too much liquid refrigerant leaves the evaporator without vaporizing. Can cause slugging of the compressor and damage.
The allowing a liquid to flow into a part of a system.
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A flaw caused by color pigments on the surface of wet paint accumulating in an uneven pattern.
The tendency of pigment particles to rise to the surface during drying/curing and produce a uniform color which is different from that of the surrounding film.
The effect created when the screen surface is unable to pass fluids through, in wet screening operations such as washing or dewatering., a result of blinding.
In online poker, when a malicious player sends many chat messages, thereby annoying the other players and limiting the information opponents can easily read.
The transmission of large amounts of data to either a channel or user; this usually involves posting large amounts of text to a chat window to gain attention.
Flooding is the general term for techniques that obstruct or overload certain computers within a network.
Traffic passing technique used by switches and bridges in which traffic received on an interface is sent out all of the interfaces of that device except the interface on which the information was originally received.
An application technique that involves pouring a coating to a thickness that allows it to flow to a smooth, level finish.
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The process of color change which a paint undergoes from the freshly applied material to the finished dried film.
Type of incident involving insertion of a large volume of data resulting in denial of service.
Flooding is a simple routing algorithm in which every incoming packet is sent through every outgoing link.
An attack that attempts to cause a failure in the security of a computer system by providing more input than the entity can process.
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See Flood.