Definitions for "flipping"
The practice of buying initial public offerings at the offering price and then...
To buy and sell an equity within a short period of time to take profits is called flipping. Some investors buy IPO shares near the offering price and immediately sell their stake as the price jumps in the aftermarket. The practice of flipping may be discouraged by the underwriters though penalties and waiting periods.
Selling a new eTopps card on eBay shortly after it has been allocated.
A gimmick used by predatory lenders whereby they convince the borrower to refinance a loan in a short period of time to get additional fees.
To repeatedly refinance a loan in a short period of time to get additional fees from the borrower.
Inducing a borrower to refinance a loan repeatedly in order to charge high points and fees each time the loan is refinanced. See also equity stripping and predatory lending.
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to cause a stone butch to "melt" or allow herself to be touched sexually, or to cause a to bottom
Keywords:  resale, purchase, property
The resale of property very soon after purchase.
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The act of looking for herps under objects by turning them over.
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Changing the display start address of video memory, so that a completely new part of video memory is visible. Also known as page flipping or page swapping.
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the act of changing a ROM's byte order
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The sale of a company within a year or two of its being bought.