Definitions for "Flintlock"
Keywords:  frizzen, firearm, ignite, muzzle, spark
A lock for a gun or pistol, having a flint fixed in the hammer, which on striking the steel ignites the priming.
A hand firearm fitted with a flintlock; esp., the old-fashioned musket of European and other armies.
(n.) A firing mechanism used primarily on muzzleloaders, using the shower of sparks created when a piece of flint strikes a steel frizzen to ignite a priming charge, which in turn ignites the main powder charge.
Flintlock were a 70s pop group from Essex, England. Its members were: Derek Pascoe (vocals), Mike Holoway (drums/percussion), Jamie Stone (bass), John Summerton (guitar) and Bill Rice (keyboards). The group came to national attention in the mid-Seventies through regular appearances on the British childrens' TV programmes You Must Be Joking and Pauline's Quirkes (hosted by the then up-and-coming actress Pauline Quirke).
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a marvelous machine
Operational code name for the US invasion of the Marshall Islands in January 1944