Definitions for "Flint"
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Flint is a simple tool for managing and analysing your personal information. The tool is very light weight and is easy to install and use.
A massive, somewhat impure variety of quartz, in color usually of a gray to brown or nearly black, breaking with a conchoidal fracture and sharp edge. It is very hard, and strikes fire with steel.
Anything extremely hard, unimpressible, and unyielding, like flint.
Michigan site of first Corvette assembly facility. Also, site of GM engine plant which built most Corvette small block engines through 1996.
Michigan site of first Corvette assembly facility. Three-hundred 1953 Corvettes were built there. Also, site of GM engine plant.
a city in southeast central Michigan near Detroit; automobile manufacturing
fungicide; active ingredient: trifloxystrobin; main applications: cereals, soy, fruit, vines
Fungicide; active ingredient: trifloxystrobin; main applications: cereals, soybeans, fruit, grapes
Flint was a solo project by Keith Flint of the The Prodigy. The band had four members; Keith on vocals, Jim Davies (Prodigy live guitar, ex-Pitchshifter) on guitar, Kieron Pepper (Prodigy live drummer, ex-Real TV, ex-Happy Gilmore) and Tony Howlett (co-wrote Baby's Got a Temper, but not related to Liam Howlett) (both) on drums. Kieron's role in Flint band was to be the bassist on recordings, but on live he sat down behind drums and left the bass to Rob Holliday.
A fictional character from the G.I. Joe series, Dashiell R. Faireborn is better known as Flint, the rugged warrant officer easily identified by his trademark beret.
Flint is the name of a comic book character from Wildstorm, created by Jeff Mariotte and Ron Lim. She is also a member of Storm Watch.
Synonym for "stoney", a smoky, whiff of gunflint, almost acrid taste. Characterized by high acidity, a tactile "mouthfeel" that is filling and yet has a flavor sensation that is cleanly "earthy".
A term used to describe a glass color which is clear and transparent.
Transparent, clear glass.
In packaging, a glass colour which is transparent and clear.
a river in western Georgia that flows generally south to join the Chattahoochee River at the Florida border where they form the Apalachicola River
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A utility for testing TrueType *hints, free from Microsoft's TrueType tools page. It executes the hint programs of all characters at a range of *ppem sizes determined by the user, reporting any errors.
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fragrance which recalls that of rubbed flint.
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A piece of flint for striking fire; -- formerly much used, esp. in the hammers of gun locks.