Definitions for "flier"
A fly. See Fly, n., 9, and 13 (b).
See Flyer, n., 5.
See Flyer, n., 4.
The flier (Centrarchus macropterus) is a sunfish (family Centrarchidae) native to muddy-bottomed swamps, ponds, weedy lakes, and riverine backwaters across the American South, from southern Illinois east to the Potomac River basin and south to Texas.
An inexpensively produced circular used for promotional distribution.
A one-page, unfolded printed promotional piece.
an advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution; "he mailed the circular to all subscribers"
someone who operates an aircraft
In BEAM robotics, a flier is an aero-robot that functions in an atmospheric environment. They possess a driven mode of locomotion through and/or supported by the atmosphere. Fliers include various designs, but usually lie within a device class that can be delineated as aircraft, which includes any vehicle designed to move through the air (aerodynes or aerostats).
A small poster or handout used in advertising.
a piece of paper on which advertising or a political message has been mechanically printed
a sheet print copy with graphics done in full color renditions
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One who flies or flees; a runaway; a fugitive.
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Pilot in leather helmet and silk scarf.
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the most enduring cancelling machine ever used by the Post Office; manufactured by International Postal Supply Company. Introduced in 1888, some later versions of the machine were still in service at the beginning of the 21st century.
a piece of paper that you hand to someone, post for people to see, insert in a newspaper, or deliver to someone's mailbox or fax machine
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One of the simpler styles of stair treads.
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A flier is racing-talk for a very quick lap, often in qualifying.
A high-risk investment or business opportunity.