Definitions for "Flexural Modulus"
Keywords:  modulus, strain, stiffer, astm, psi
The slope of the curve defined by flexural load versus resultant strain. A high flexural modulus indicates a stiffer material.
A measure of the flexural properties of a material, with the data derived from plotting a "load curve" by applying a given weight-load to the test sample at a specified rate of speed. The results are given in psi units, that is, pounds per square inch. In general, more flexible materials will have a lower flexural modulus, and stiffer materials a higher one.
This is a number associated with the stiffness of materials. It is used to calculate how far a bar will bend when a bending load is applied to it. Units are normally millions of pounds per square inch. (10 psi) - Giga Pascals (gPa). Higher numbers for materials mean that they are more resistant to deflection when equal thickness are being compared.