Definitions for "Flexion"
Keywords:  bend, bent, limb, closer, flexor
The act of flexing or bending; a turning.
A bending; a part bent; a fold.
The bending of a limb or joint; that motion of a joint which gives the distal member a continually decreasing angle with the axis of the proximal part; -- distinguished from extension.
Syntactical change of form of words, as by declension or conjugation; inflection.
distraction-A form of chiropractic treatment in which the patient lies on a specialized table that gently stretches the spine, allowing the chiropractor to pinpoint the affected disc while slightly flexing the spine. These procedures gently move the disc away from an affected nerve, slowing or eliminating inflammation, and pain.
deviation from a straight or normal course
Keywords:  muscle, contracting
contracting a muscle.