Definitions for "Flex"
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To bend; as, to flex the arm.
The degree of rigidity of a club?s shaft.
To bend the horse to the inside. Also, to give in the poll and yield to rein contact.
A Motorola Inc. - licensed protocol that gives carriers more capacity on their networks and faster transmission times. Also refers to the FLEX family of protocols: FLEX, InFLEXion and ReFLEX25 and ReFLEX50.
A high-speed paging protocol developed by Motorola. FLEX increases paging channel capacities from 200,000 pages per channel to 600,000 pages per channel, and can operate at 1600, 3200 and 6400 baud.
The FLEX single-tasking operating system was developed by TSC of West Lafayette, Indiana, for the Motorola 6800 in the 1970s; the original version was for 8" floppy disks, and the (smaller) version for 5.25" floppies was called mini-Flex. It was also later ported to the Motorola 6809; that version was called Flex9.
The measure in degrees of how far a blade can be bent and still return to true. This reflects a sword's toughness and ability to withstand repeated impacts during combat. A blade is flexed by holding the tip in a vice and then moving the tang or grip perpendicular to the plane of the blade.
(1) To incline the foot in such a way that it is placed at an angle nearly perpendicular to the leg.(2) An inclined position of the foot which is acheived when the heel is still in contact with the floor, but the ball is not. Figure (1) and (2): Flexed Foot(1) Inclinar el pié de tal manera que se coloque casi perpendicular a la pierna.(2) Posición inclinada del pié que se consigue cuándo el talón permanece en contacto con el suelo, pero la bola del pié no. Ver dibujo
The movement of filter media primarily during the cleaning cycles can lead to long term damage due to fiber-to-fiber abrasion. Also, new filter bags can be flexed (bent) by rough treatment during shipping and installation.
An abbreviation for Flex Dollars, which are monetary funds electronically placed on student identification cards. Flex Dollars can be used to purchase food and beverages at many eating locations on campus. Contact the friendly people in charge of Student Accounts (Old Main 100, x1211) to have Flex Dollars placed on an ID.
Foreign Language Exploration. It is a short-term exploratory program often found at the middle grades level. It is not articulated with the elementary nor with the high school program. Its main goals are to introduce the target culture and to motivate students to pursue further language study. The term may also be used to describe a non-sequential elementary program with limited contact time (once a week or less).
Foreign Language Exploratory or Experience - a program where a target language is taught 1-5% of the school week, and often where many language are sampled throughout the program. A program where students are taught about a language rather than the language itself.
Flex is a video installation by the British video artist Chris Cunningham. It consists of a 15 minute film loop that endlessly depicts a naked man and woman floating in darkness, who by turns embrace and furiously beat one another, culminating in an act of anal sex during which they disappear in a blast of light. The film is set to an electronic soundtrack by Aphex Twin.
Flex (Adrian Corbo) is a fictional character, a superhero in the Marvel Comics universe.
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Flexible (same as "convertible," see above)
A piece of metal tube with a specific length which connects a pipe style exhaust to the cylinder. The exact length of the flex may vary and affects the driving characteristics. A different track may need a different flex. Hence choosing the right length flex becoms part of the setup.
This is typically an apartment with an alcove adjacent to the living room that can be used to create another bedroom. By utilizing this "flexible" space, we can "convert" the apartment from a one bedroom to a two bedroom. Hence, a one bedroom with this alcove could be called a Convertible or Flexible Two Bedroom.
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Flex was Lene Lovich's 1979 second album containing the UK hit singles "Bird Song", which reached No. 39 in October 1979 and "What Will I Do Without You?", which made No. 58 in March 1980.
A project with a flexible use date. This refers to projects lowest on the ITV priority list (i.e., those which have no specific requestor or "use" date).
exhibit the strength of; "The victorious army flexes its invincibility"
contract; "flex a muscle"
A derivatives contract traded on an exchange. The contract specification allows some terms (including maturity, strike price and exercise style) of the contract to be negotiated between buyer and seller, unlike a normal standardised derivative contract, where only the price is negotiated.
derivatives contract traded on an exchange where the contract specification allows certain terms of the contract to be negotiated between buyer and seller, unlike a normal standardised derivative contract, where only the price is negotiated. Flexible terms may include maturity, strike price and exercise style of the contract.
Heavy-duty vinyl material used for digitally printed outdoor media. It provides greater durability and easier posting and shipping than traditional paper substrates.
FLEX is an American bodybuilding magazine, published by American Media, Inc.
A means of automatically suppressing small details such as cupped serifs that would print poorly at small sizes. At:large sizes or high resolutions, the details are automatically reinstated.
A rate discount offered by a pipeline or LDC in response to a competitive challenge, usually an alternate fuel or a competing pipeline.
lm A commercially developed licensing software product.
Federation Licensing Examination: Verification obtained from the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB). $50 for up to 2 verifications.
a combination of oils that have been known to support liver and lymphatic system detoxification as well as support digestion
electric cord
Electrical cable
Electrical wire covered with an insulating material.
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To fold or decrease the angle of the bones of a joint.
Decreasing the angle between two points
A specialist circuit board technology, often abbreviated to "flex", in which tracks are printed onto flexible materials. There are a number of flavors of flex, including static flex, dynamic flex, and rigid flex.
A one-way paging protocol developed to optimize channel efficiency, battery life, and cost per bit for transmitting messages over a wide geographical area.
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a file that contains ONLY graphics and settings
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Flexible wide-area protocol