Definitions for "Flatbed Scanner"
Keywords:  scanner, photocopy, ccd, scan, platen
An image capture device similar to a photocopier. The material to be scanned is placed face down on a glass plate and the capturing device passes beneath the glass. See also: Scanner Last Reviewed: 2003-03-01
An image capture device that is connected to a computer and works in the same way as a photocopier. A moving sensor passes under an image or document that is placed facedown on a glass plate and converts it into a digital file that can be stored on a computer.
An optical scanner in which the original image remains stationary while the sensors (usually a CCD linear array) passes over or under it. The scanned material is held flat rather than being wrapped around a drum.
an especially great addition to the office when extended with optical character recognition and optical mark recognition software, which can significantly reduce your secretary's or your own typing time
An input device to digitize photographs and drawings as a set of dots, called pixels, so that they can be processed by computers.
a device with an object-plate on which an original is
Device for converting printed documents or photos into electronic formats.