Definitions for "Flat fee"
same as "work-for-hire." The illustrator or author is paid a lump sum for their work, and gets no royalties.
A one-time payment, as opposed to a royalty fee which involves payments at regular intervals. Sometimes called work for hire.
One-time compensation that generally provides a lump sum for an author or illustrator's work in exchange for all rights. (This is in contrast to a contract that includes an advance and royalties.)
A property management fee expressed as a dollor amount per year or month. (See percentage fees)
a fee of a set amount for performance of agreed work, which may or may not be paid in advance but is not deemed earned until the work is performed
A set fee charged by a real estate agent in lieu of a percentage of a property's sale value.
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a dollar amount that the attorney and the client agree on before the attorney begins work
an amount that the attorney and client agree upon before the attorney begins work on your case
a specific rate, agreed upon in advance, for a given project
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an interesting idea, but, as said earlier, ask your prospective customers what would appeal to them the most
Model of on-line media buy for specific period of time. Customers pay for specific period the advertising is "on air". This method is mostly used for sponsoring or partnership campaigns
a set amount for a particular matter
A set amount of money that has been negotiated for a particular job.