Definitions for "Flat Color"
Keywords:  hanover, lifeless, crt, ink, pal
printing two or more colors without over-lapping the colors - this differs from process color which blends four colors to produce a very broad range of colors.
Using one ink to represent one color as opposed to percentages of process color. Also, spot color.
A simple Test Pattern in the form of a color or grey level background (e. g. 75 % Red Field). The Flat Color Field s are useful to check CRT color purity, or Hanover bars in a decoded PAL picture. Synonyms: Flat Field
Keywords:  nuancing, unbroken, hue, paint, motifs
Any area of a painting that has an unbroken single hue and value.
This is the uniform application of paint, without relief or nuancing. An example of this is geometric motifs.