Definitions for "Flashpoint"
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The lowest temperature in °C at which a liquid will produce enough vapor to ignite, if the vapor is flammable. The lower the flashpoint, the higher the risk of fire. Biodiesel has an abnormally high flashpoint (for a fuel), making it very safe to handle and store. Where diesel #2's flashpoint is standardized at 60°-80° C, biodiesel's standard is 100°-170° C.
The temperature at which a liquid will give off enough flammable vapor to ignite. There are several flash point test methods, and flash points may vary for the same material depending on the method used, so the test method is indicated when the flash point is given.
the lowest temperature at which the vapor of a combustible liquid can be ignited in air
Flashpoint (1984) is a movie starring Kris Kristofferson and Treat Williams. Rip Torn, Jean Smart, and Tess Harper also co-star. The movie was directed by William Tannen and based on a novel by George La Fountaine.
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Flashpoint is a live album by The Rolling Stones and was released in 1991. Recorded throughout 1989 and 1990 on the mammoth Steel Wheels/Urban Jungle Tour, Flashpoint was the first live album by the group since 1982's "Still Life" (American Concert 1981).
In international relations, a flashpoint is an area or dispute that has a strong possibility of developing into a war.
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point at which something is ready to blow up