Definitions for "Flare"
To burn with an unsteady or waving flame; as, the candle flares.
To shine out with a sudden and unsteady light; to emit a dazzling or painfully bright light.
An unsteady, broad, offensive light.
A slow, smooth transition from normal approach attitude to a landing attitude.
A maneuver performed during landing in which the nose is raised and the aircraft is held just off the ground to bleed off airspeed.
the action taken a few feet above the ground when landing, to reduce the approach angle and slow the rate of descent. Forgetting this crucial action may result in you needing your plastic bag.
Spreading out. A boat with flare will be wider at the gunwale than at the waterline.
become flared and widen, usually at one end; "The bellbottom pants flare out"
The spreading out of the hull form from the central vertical plane, with increasing rapidity as it rises from the waterline to the rail; usually in the forebody. Also a night distress signal.
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To shine out with gaudy colors; to flaunt; to be offensively bright or showy.
To be exposed to too much light.
A defect in a photographic objective such that an image of the stop, or diaphragm, appears as a fogged spot in the center of the developed negative.
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To open or spread outwards; to project beyond the perpendicular; as, the sides of a bowl flare; the bows of a ship flare.
A spreading outward; as, the flare of a fireplace.
An outward distortion which may occur on any portion of the hoof wall. If left untreated, they can alter functional toe angle, mediolateral balance, and hoof symmetry.
a period during which disease symptoms appear or become worse
a period of time when the disease gets worse
a period when the disease becomes more active with increased symptoms
an incredibly difficult move borrowed from gymnastics and
Flare is a science fiction novel by Roger Zelazny and Thomas Thurston Thomas, published in 1992.
Flare is a Canadian fashion magazine. It is owned by Rogers Communications.
A device to safely dispose of surplus hydrocarbon vapours by burning.
burn brightly; "Every star seemed to flare with new intensity"
a highly efficient and effective combustion device that destroys all gases sent to the flame, Bolt said
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(baseball) a fly ball hit a short distance into the outfield
Refers to the bowling ball changing its axis of rotation during its path down the lane. The result is several different oil rings being visible around the ball.
Describes the ball track progression from the bowler's axis of rotation to the ball's preferred spin axis, due to strength of core and friction on the lane.
This is a device used to deceive and escape from an infrared-guided missile's lock-on of a fighter's engine-exhaust head by dispersing other head sources. In the show, a normal Sylph (Sylphid) succeeded in evasion by dispersing flares and thus, activating the proximity fuse of the enemy missile.
Cartrige-shaped source of heat energy used to divert infared-homing missiles.
A type of pipe fitting that uses a socket and a type of union nut to form a connection with minimal crevice, for ultrapure processes. Usually seen on fluoropolymer or natural polypropylene valves.
a short forward pass to a back who is running toward the sidelines; "he threw a flare to the fullback who was tackled for a loss"
increased protein in the a nterior-champer fluid, permitting visualization of the slit-lamp beam.
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Inside-out path of an outside spiker who hid behind a quick hitter.
a psychological effect on human emotions (possibly as an effect of embarrassment, shyness and other odd states of mind)
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Use of an agonist starting with or after onset of menses of the cycle being entered to augment stimulation. (see also Short Protocol)
A form of tube expansion, or outwardly opening a tube end. Has a quicker cycle time than outright expansions. Types of flares include single, double, outside single and outside double.
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Refers to the width of the heel at the bottom of the outersole in relation to the width of the heel at the top of the midsole.
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Leaf of lard.
a very good fire starter in wet conditions or it can be used as a
illumination projectile; hand-fired or shot from artillery, mortars, or air
an extension of the base of the shoe, below the welt, medially or laterally
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Heat treated sprue to create a fluted end.
The action of your arm or elbow when it goes away from your body in the armswing or during the release; generally not desirable.
Fast Low-Angle Recalled Echoes
The angle that may be fashioned at the end of a piece of tubing to match a fitting and create a leak-free connection.
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See Aqueous flare.
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A heavy dark mineral streak shaped like a banner.
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a loop system, where glowing plasma flows top-down on each side
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The main story on page 1. Also known as line or splash.
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A sharp thin extension of glass at a cut edge where the fracture tends to approach a plane parallel to the surface.
an open-end envelope for use at structure supports, overhead sign supports, or other objects located in separations between traffic proceeding in the same direction
a period where your arthritis is more active
A time during which active disease is present.
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a good thing," said Bolt
a device that is designed to process hydrocarbon vapors that contain little or no air
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A soft tubing connector commonly used to connect soft copper piping
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When a dog avoids continuing on a straight line on which he was sent due to pressure applied previously in that general area.
an addition to the vehicle that surrounds the tire opening
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see flash.
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Parts Flood Navigation
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Hot Spot in an image.
Foreign Language Software - Providing an interactive environment for learning a foreign language.
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a common play where a player runs off a screen to catch a pass
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a once-only item
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See Track flare.
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