Definitions for "Flannel"
Keywords:  nap, twill, woolen, welsh, gwlanen
A soft, nappy, woolen cloth, of loose texture.
a cotton fabric with a thick nap on one side, resembling flannel{1}; it is used, e. g. for underwear or sheets; also called flanellette.
garments made of flannel, especially underwear.
Keywords:  washcloth
Flannel were a 1990s band based in Brighton, England. Their style has been described as "anarcho-narco", meaning that they were influenced by anarchist politics and narcotic-using lifestyles. This should not be taken too literally; far from being simple advocates of drug culture, their music often contained serious social references and messages.
Keywords:  flattery, insincere, praise
insincere flattery or praise.
Keywords:  humbug, evasive, nonsensical, talk
humbug; nonsensical or evasive talk.
Keywords:  trousers, plural
(usually in the plural) trousers