Definitions for "Flanders"
An area of northwest Europe now divided into Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. It was a busy centre for trade. It was ruled over by the Spanish at the time of the Armada.
A region of N. Belgium, SW Netherlands and N. France corresponding to the medieval country of Flanders. Some chain letters allege that the Good Luck type was started by an American artillery officer on a Flanders battlefield during World War I. Flanders is often given as the location of the remarkable " Christmas Truce" of 1914, in which British and German troops spontaneously left their trenches and fraternized.
Medieval county along coast of what is now Belgium and adjacent parts of France & Netherlands.
Flanders is a Dance/Electronica/House/Alternative quartet based out of Italy. The act also records under the name Deflect. The group consists of DJs Francesco Abbate and Alessandro Bunetto, bassist Marco Giudice, and female singer Giuliana Fraglica.
a radio and print journalist whose broadcasts are heard on Working Assets Radio , and whose writing appears in a wide range of venues