Definitions for "Flake"
A loose filmy mass or a thin chiplike layer of anything; a film; flock; lamina; layer; scale; as, a flake of snow, tallow, or fish.
a person who behaves strangely; a flaky{2} person.
To separate in flakes; to peel or scale off.
This is found only in species that have prominent medullary rays (cells radiating outward from the center of the tree, like the spokes of a wheel.) By slicing the veneer perpendicular to the annular rings and parallel with the rays, a distinctive "flake" within the figure is created.
Varies in size from "dash marks" to "stretch marks." Created when the pithrays are cut across at an angle when slicing. Very common in Quartered Red and White Oak.
The typical figuring of wood when the pithrays are cut across, i.e. at an angle of 180 degrees when slicing. This is particularly strongly pronounced in Oak. It is generally considered as inferior veneers except from Brown Oak, Silky Oak or Plane for example, where this figuring is in special demand.
A paling; a hurdle.
A platform of hurdles, or small sticks made fast or interwoven, supported by stanchions, for drying codfish and other things.
Used to denote the dry, unplasticised base of cellulosic plastics.
As used by Celanese a term that refers to the granular form in which cellulose acetate and triacetate polymers exist prior to dissolving or feeding into the extrusion or molding unit.
Shark meat.
Flake is a term used in Australia to indicate the flesh of any of several species of small shark, particularly Gummy shark. The term probably arose in the late 1920s when the large-scale commercial shark fishery off the coast of Victoria was established. (Until this time, shark was generally an incidental catch rather than a targeted species.)
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Section of measurement for hay
One tenth of a bale of hay.
To fold a sail in preparation for storage.
Cadbury's Flake is a bar of thinly folded milk chocolate produced in the United Kingdom and Australia by Cadbury-Schweppes.
Details ] [ ] Standard deviation of per-start SNVA for each pitcher. This was previously shown as the variance, and was used to compute the "flakiest" pitchers. Standard deviation is just the square root of the variance, so these are equivalent.
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A flat layer, or fake, of a coiled cable.
the laying down of a rope coil or circular fashion where each loop is called a flake.
A single turn or tier of turns in a coil
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A small stage hung over a vessel's side, for workmen to stand on in calking, etc.
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A Flake is a chip in the clear glaze that does not extend through the colored underglaze, or into the body of the ware. Also called a "Glaze Flake."
A thin, shallow chip, 1/16" or smaller in thickness.
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The outer portion of a maneuver, similar to a cluster. The jumper(s) hook-up to one person's legs, or, in the case of a donut-flake. to the outside leg of one jumper and the outside hand of another, or, in a cluster-flake. between the legs of two jumpers
a taste extravaganza, just waiting to happen
A sort of carnation with only two colors in the flower, the petals having large stripes.
A common slang expression used to describe an unreliable payer.
A little particle of lighted or incandescent matter, darted from a fire; a flash.
A small flat wood particle of predetermined dimensions, uniform thickness, with fiber direction in essentially in the same plane of the flake.
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Flake is an open-source FLAC audio encoder.
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a person with an unusual or odd personality
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Any person who engages in the sport of climbing...
verb: an occurrence in which a woman cancels or does not show up to a planned meeting.
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a crystal of snow
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form into flakes; "The substances started to flake"
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cover with flakes or as if with flakes
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To form into flakes.