Definitions for "Flagging"
A tree crown that looks similar to a flag due to persistent mortality of needles on one side of the tree caused by abrasion or desiccation.
As needle moves up and down, substrate may also move up and down against the machine bed (resembling a waving flag), causing birdnesting and poor design registration; typically due to poor presser-foot adjustment or improperly stabilized fabric.
Up and down motion of goods under action of the needle, so named because of its resemblance to a waving flag. Often caused by improper framing of goods. Flagging may result in poor registration, unsatisfactory stitch formation and birdnesting.
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A lifting or peeling away of the end of a tape wound on a spiral-wrap application.
A peeling away from the surface of the end of a length of tape, particularly in a spiral-wrap application.
A tear that causes poster paper to hang loose from a bulletin or poster panel face.
The loss of rigidity and drooping of leaves and tender shoots preceding the wilting of a plant.
limp or drooping branches. Usually caused by heavy snowfall, wind, or avalanche.
The loss of turgor and the drooping of plant parts, usually following a water deficit.
Traditionally, the wearing of a hanky (or two) in the back pocket of your Levis, the colour of which indicates your particular kink. Left for top, right for bottom. For the activity-based erotic shopper, flirtation is thus made simple.
to wear a hanky to show what kind of sexual activity one is interested in
Forestry Operations & Water Quality] Colored plastic ribbon attached to trees or stakes to make boundaries, stakes, and other markers visible. Flank fire [ Fire Control] The sides of a fire.
The automated marker on an account indicating that one or more account holders is deceased, and that all future federal payments for that account should be returned.
the act of temporarily designating the location of a road, trail, or boundary by hanging strips of colored plastic on trees or stakes.
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Rhythmic up-and-down movements of the stallion's tail during ejaculation.
When a dog is stopped and looks like it is pointing but its tail is still moving or wagging.
Growing languid, weak, or spiritless; weakening; delaying.
weak from exhaustion
A system of signalling trains manually with flags during breakdown or suspension of the normal signalling system.
A system of signaling trains manually with flags during breakdown or suspension of the normal signaling system.
A pavement or sidewalk of flagstones; flagstones, collectively.
Vegetation pushed or forced forward from footfall or passage is called “flagging”. Sometimes the vegetation will be intertwined. Direction of travel can be determined by the direction of the flagging.
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Extending one's foot or entire leg out into space to provide a counter-balance that enables a climber to reach for a hold in the opposite direction.
Using a leg positioned across the other leg to maintain balance.
Using the weight of one foot and leg, in the air, to help maintain balance while making a move with the other foot and leg
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Marking or tagging process based on the occurrence of some specific event (e.g., search result).
This is the process of establishing grids in a field. A person drives over the field and puts a flag at the location where the sample is to be taken. As GPS becomes more available, the need to make a separate trip over the field to mark spots may be reduced.
Marking out a record as a specific record of interest.
A horizontal displacement of upper portion of a picture. Also called skewing.
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Dried rush or river reed used in the fabrication of barrel heads.
1 Collective term for flagstones. 2. A surface paved with flagstones. 3. The process of setting flagstone.
A system of highlighting names for easy recognition so that records can be re-selected or not on future orders.