Definitions for "fixation"
in Freud's theory, the failure to mature beyond a particular stage of psychosexual development. (446)
a persistant focus on an earlier psychosexual stage
In psychoanalytic theory, the arrest of psychosexual development at a particular stage through too much or too little gratification at that stage.
fixation is achieved when the image of an object falls directly on the fovea.
The act or an instance of focusing the eyes on an object.
a brief, but measurable, pause of the eye when looking at a word or phrase
Fixation is the process by which a new allele replaces the allele that was previously predominant in a population. Defined as key term in Molecular Biology 1.4.4 Sequence divergence is the basis for the evolutionary clock
when the frequency of an allele in a population becomes 1 (i.e., no other alleles are present).
The situation when a single allele reaches a frequency of 100% in a population.
The immobilization of the parts of a fractured bone.
Attachment of a lead to the heart. Active fixation uses a mechanism such as a screw-in tip and passive fixation uses tines or fins.
Act of holding bones together, commonly require external devices such as pins, screws or plates
The process by which certain nutrient elements in a soil are converted from available form to unavailable form essential for plant growth, being converted from a soluble or exchangeable form to a much less soluble or to a nonexchangeable form. Examples are potassium, ammonium, and phosphorus fixation.
Process by which available plant nutrients become unavailable by reaction with components of the soil. Phosphorus and potassium may both undergo fixation, leading to decreased availability in the soil.
proces8 or processes in a soil by which certain chemical elements essential for plant growth are converted from a soluble or exchangeable form to a much less soluble or non-exchangeable form, for example, phosphate fixation.
(histology) the preservation and hardening of a tissue sample to retain as nearly as possible the same relations they had in the living body
Tissue preservation through the use of chemicals or process.
Attachment of tumors to deeper tissues. Associated with more advanced disease.
an exaggerated preoccupation; obsession.
an unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with something or someone
the activity of fastening something firmly in position
Being held in a fixed position. Area of the spine or a joint with limited movement.
Loss of the normal range - of - movement of a bone due to muscle spasm, constriction of the ligaments or capsule around a joint, or bony changes, such as in the case of arthritis. This can be caused by major traumas, such as automobile accidents or falls, repeated minor traumas, such as from keyboarding or using power tools for many hours, or from certain disease processes.
An area of the spine or specific joint with stuck or restricted motion.
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Fixation originally came together in Northern Ireland in 2003 when, bassist, Ryan Campbell and, vocalist, Dara Crawford met in school. After some minor line-up changes, the finalised band lineup consisted of Dara, Ryan, Paul O'Doherty (guitar/vocals), Niall Lynch (drums/vocals) and Kerry Simpson (guitar). They were just a group of guys with a love of music, wanting to play hard and live.
The act of uniting chemically with a solid substance or in a solid form; reduction to a non-volatile condition; -- said of gaseous elements.
A state of resistance to evaporation or volatilization by heat; -- said of metals.
Depriving a substance of its volatility, fluidity or mobility; turning spirit to body (corpora), rendering it fixed. Alchemical: Often represented as dragons or lions without wings.
The act or process of ceasing to be fluid and becoming firm.
The process of making an object hold firm or fast.
The process of recording a work of authorship in a tangible form of expression so it can be copyrighted.
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a Berlusconi feature)
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See assimilation.
(normal) Looking directly at one object (eccentric) Looking off target
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The setting of a commoditys current or future price by a government.
The process of setting a price of a commodity, whether in the present or the future. See: Gold fixing.
an abnormal state in which development has stopped prematurely
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The act of fixing, or the state of being fixed.
The act of holding the bar overhead with the arms straight and fully extended.
Holding structures in place.
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