Definitions for "Fitness"
A measure of the relative survival and reproductive success of an individual or a genotype. The relative contribution of an individual or a genotype to future generations.
The health of a species measured in terms of physiology and future reproductive success.
The average reproductive success of a genotype in a particular environment. Often expressed relative to another genotype, such as the ancestor in evolution experiments.
The state of well-being consisting of optimum levels of strength, flexibility, weight control, cardiovascular capacity and positive physical and mental health behaviors, that prepare a person to participate fully in life, to be free from controllable health-risk factors and to achieve physical objectives consistent with his/her potential.
The level at which a person's cardiovascular system is able to use oxygen to work, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition.
The measure of a person's physical strength, flexibility, and endurance.
A term used by those who would market aerobic shoes to Real Men. Real Men think they wouldn't be caught dead doing aerobics. On the other hand, Real Men would probably either pass out from exhaustion or sprain an ankle if they tried.... after all, women are not necessarily wimps
Athletic shoes ideally suited for gym-style workouts
a cavernous athletics-monster that has every machine and freeweight known to man
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a large-scale sports club company based in Irvine, California, and operating in over one hundred locations across the country including the Pacific coast, Arizona and Texas, and parts of
a membership club you'd need to be a member OR if you have a place we could excercise that'd work too
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a husband and wife team consisting of Gerald and Audry Peden
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Ellipticals | Treadmills
The state or quality of being fit; as, the fitness of measures or laws; a person's fitness for office.
the quality of being qualified
the sum of direct and indirect fitness. For our purposes, it is largely direct fitness which is usually defined as the number of grandchildren. However, many other definitions or stand-ins for fitness are often used -- for example, fecundity, number of mates, number of eggs, territory size, territory quality, etc. For more detailed information about fitness and especially about calculating relative fitness, press here.
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See Darwinian Fitness
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see Cardiorespiratory fitness.
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a short stroll from the hotel and offers guests reduced rates
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an organic rollout model
a high standard of physical health as a consequence of nutritional balance and exercise.
a unique blend of exercise and well being, with the opportunity to meet with like minded people
Active at Any Size Fitness Glossary Exercise & Calories
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fitness to traverse the seas
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Healthcare Industry History
Being in general good health and able to carry out everyday tasks comfortably.
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good physical condition; being in shape or in condition
One of the four components of the game. Relates directly to all the physical elements of the game.
State of physical and mental well-being that allows the body to do work-related tasks.
the condition of being suitable; "they had to prove their fitness for the position"
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a flat rate establishment, and they could care less if you sign up or not