Definitions for "Firecracker"
A small explosive device consisting of a paper or cardboard cylinder having only sufficient explosive mixture to make a loud bang, ignited by a short fuse, and used mostly as an entertainment or in celebrations. Same as Cracker., n., 3.
A small paper cylinder (usually no more than 11/2" in length) containing pyrotechnic composition that produces a bang or report. Firecrackers generally are purchased by the roll, brick or partial brick. Usually firecrackers today are strung together and fused consecutively.
firework consisting of a small explosive charge and fuse in a heavy paper casing
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Firecracker is an album by Lisa Loeb. It was released in 1997 through Geffen Records.
Firecracker is the third album by The Wailin' Jennys.
Scented cannabis herb after being rolled in a cigarette paper. Narcotic: toxic substance that acts over the nervous system either as narcotic or as euphoric drug. Trip: Journey followed to LSD's use.
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Firecracker is a film directed by Steve Balderson.
A dynamic Firewall which can alter its is rules on detection of certain attacks/events. Very easily modified and expendable, with mySQL back-end and dynamically loaded user-space filters.