Definitions for "Fireball"
A rare phenomenon often associated with or caused by lightning, resembling a luminous ball of fire passing rapidly through the air or along solid objects, then disappearing, and sometimes exploding. It seldom lasts more than a few seconds. Also called ball lightning, globe lightning, globular lightning, or kugelblitz.
a very large and bright meteor which can also often leave a smoke trail.
In Scottish traditions, the name most commonly ascribed to "phantom lights" known as the "gaelghan". The phenomena resembles a globe of light and usually travels very gracefully at high speeds across stretches of water.
A ball filled with powder or other combustibles, intended to be thrown among enemies, and to injure by explosion; also, to set fire to their works and light them up, so that movements may be seen.
A large mass of fire caused by a large explosion, as of inflammable liquids or a nuclear device. The larger fireballs, as of nuclear explosions, rise seemingly intact into the air and may reach high altitudes while still glowing.
The highly luminous cloud of vaporized fission and activation products, device constituents, and surrounding support material created by a nuclear detonation.
a meteorite that has entered our atmosphere and is burning up
A short-term fire that begins with a violent expulsion of fuel from a vessel (such as a BLEVE). The released fluid is propelled in all directions, generally resulting in a spherical or hemispherical aerosol cloud. Ignition of this cloud results in a form of vapor cloud fire. After a few seconds, the burning aerosol cloud becomes buoyant (due to heat from the fire) and rises, at which time it resembles a ball of fire (fireball).
The atmospheric burning of a fuel-air in which the energy is mostly emitted in the form of radiant heat. The inner core of the fuel release consists of almost pure fuel whereas the outer layer in which ignition first occurs is a flammable fuel-air mixture. As buoyancy forces of the hot gases begin to dominate, the burning cloud rises and becomes more spherical in shape.
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a generic term for any spherical blast of flame launched by magic
This is a magical effect much like a huge napalm grenade. It is common to D&D games.
Offered on all regular session games; Fireball begins with a $500 jackpot and progresses a percentage of the session sales until won. A plain Seven Feathers logo ball is added to the hopper. The player who wins directly after the logo ball is drawn, takes the jackpot, but only if his or her receipt is signed.
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a neat move, because it's hard to counter and so pretty safe to use
Recorded at various times between September 1970 and June 1971 at De Lane Lea Studios and the Olympic Studios (London) and engineered by Martin Birch, Fireball is a hard rock album by Deep Purple. It was released in 1971 and was the second studio LP by the classic lineup of the group.
Fireball is the opening song of the album of the same name by the English hard rock band Deep Purple.
Originally designed by Peter Milne in 1962, the Fireball is a one-design high-performance sailing dinghy. The Fireball is sailed by a crew of two, and sports a single trapeze, symmetric spinnaker and chined hull. The class is strictly controlled, but has adapted to advances in building techniques.
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a highly energetic and indefatigable person
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a unit like any other