Definitions for "fingerprinting"
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Refers to TB genotyping using IS 6110-based RFLP analysis.
In genetics, the identification of multiple specific alleles on a person's DNA to produce a unique identifier for that person. See also: forensics
The use of RFLPs or repeat sequence DNA to establish a unique individual-specific pattern of DNA fragments.
a foolproof way of identifying a criminal from a tissue sample
an important tool for solving criminal cases
an important tool in the search for justice
The preferred terms are now 'Finger Image' and 'Fingerscanning'.
Synonyms for ‘Finger Image' / ‘Fingerscanning'.
a method of design detection
personalizing digital content to detect piracy. Fingerprints may consist of small changes in the sequence of data, enabling subsequent "traitor tracing" back to the original source.
Fingerprinting embeds a digital signal in text, image, audio or video files, which may contain information on the end user. This can be used to trace the source of copyright infringement.
an incredibly simple idea
a simple and accurate way for Merino ram breeders to record pedigrees
a clinical laboratory technique used to distinguish between different strains of M
a powerful technique that is capable of distinguishing every individual organism from every other individual organism on this planet
a revolutionary technique that enables scientists to match
an advanced technology be wildly used in conviction of someone commited a case mostly had happend for years
a reproductive medical technology business born in the US and is commercially utilized in Japan also
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a term that has been bandied about in the popular media for about fifteen years, largely due to its
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a lot cheaper, a lot surer, and much, much easier to learn
Calibrating each printhead and die cutting unit in order to correct any deviation from 100% accuracy. Any deviation that cannot be corrected being allowed for in origination and the setting of standards.
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a violation of our deepest privacy
A common term for methods that allow the rapid identification of particular types of bacteria (also known as "typing"). For example, plasmid fingerprinting involves determining the number and types of plasmids in a particular strain of bacteria.
Driver of truck unloads merchandise.
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Determine the operating system installed on a target host. This is done by sending specific requests to it in order to gauge how it responds and by scanning it for open TCP/UDP ports.
a unique way of establishing one's biological identity, which is being increasingly used in cases related to child swapping, extra marital relations etc
a 'reasonable' search and seizure or that there is a compelling public interest
The procedure of taking inked impressions of a person's fingerprints.
a hot topic these days not only in the science community but in the court Court procedures
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See Radio-frequency fingerprinting.