Definitions for "Finesse"
To attempt, when second or third player, to make a lower card answer the purpose of a higher, when an intermediate card is out, risking the chance of its being held by the opponent yet to play.
A playing technique where extra tricks are gained by using favorable lie of opponents' cards.
A scheme by two teammates to force out a specific card they suspect a certain opponent is holding.
Subtilty of contrivance to gain a point; artifice; stratagem.
To use artifice or stratagem.
Finesse is a jazz trio album recorded by pianist Toshiko Akiyoshi in 1978 and released on the Concord Jazz record label.
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The finesse of a Fabry-Perot cavity is defined as the ratio between the cavity FSR and the cavity linewidth.
Sensitive disguises developed by the CIA using a Hollywood consultant and contractors.
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Literally, fine-ness
The measurement of the average particle size of the cocoa solids in the chocolate. Finesse is expressed in ten-thousandths of an inch or in microns.
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the ratio of the free spectral range of an etalon to its full width at half maximum of its transmission peak finesse=(Π√R)/(1-R) where R is the reflectivity of the surface of the etalon
subtly skillful handling of a situation
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high-quality, refined, with good balance
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The act of finessing. See Finesse, v. i., 2.