Definitions for "Fines"
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Bundles that have been split apart into smaller bundles which are composed of only a few or single filaments. Fuzz is usually made of fines.
Small particles, flakes, or chips of rice, which can appear in all types of packaged rice products.
A relative term, but generally means "small pieces left over." Small pieces of cast iron borings might be as small as grains of sand, while small pieces of broken ingot molds might be as large as a fist. Often, the size of the fines should be defined because of this variance.
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Revenue received from charges imposed upon library patrons for overdue library materials.
Most libraries charge a small fee for each day (or hour) a circulating item is kept past its due date. Reese Library charges 25 cents per day for most materials and 25 cents per hour for reserve materials. Items (except reserves) may be renewed on the due date for an additional checkout period, unless a hold has been placed by another person.
Money charged when a book is returned after the due date. Fines apply to all library materials which are returned late. Fines are calculated on a sliding scale with shorter loan period items attracting the highest fines. More about fines
Very small fibers and fiber fragments which tend to pass through the wire with the water, but which can be held in the sheet by the use of retention aids (q.v.).
Rubber material that passes through a standard size screen on which coarser fragments are retained.
Very short pulp fibers or fiber fragments and ray cells.
Fines is a municipality of Almería province, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain.
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The finely crushed, flourlike portion of the draff.
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Fine particulate; aerosol.
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Supplementary entry fees.
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That fee assessed when a hound is allowed to run loose while a course is in progress. See Loose Dog.
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Fees accrued by customers for late book returns or lost items.
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The client is required to pay fines.