Definitions for "Findings"
Keywords:  clasp, jewelry, hooks, jewellery, jump
Jewelry findings are any jewelry component such as clasps, jump rings, pin backs, etc, etc.
Standardized parts of jewelry used in manufacturing and repair work, such as ear nuts, shanks, catches, lobster claws, settings, etc.
a collection of tools and other articles used by an artisan to make jewelry or clothing or shoes
Keywords:  audit, cmm, pertinent, fact, testimony
The conclusions of an assessment, evaluation, audit, or review that identify the most important issue problem s, or opportunities within the area of investigation. [D05181] SA-CMM
A judge's decisions as to matters of fact that are in dispute. For example, if the value of a home is in dispute with one spouse claiming it is worth $150,000 and the other claiming it is only worth $100,000, the judge will make a finding as to what he thinks the real value is based on the testimony and evidence presented to him.
are pertinent statements of fact. Audit findings emerge by a process of comparing what should be with what is. (430.04.6 and .7)
For a certified FEIR containing one or more significant impacts, the public agency must make one or more written findings for each of those significant effects, accompanied by a brief explanation of the rational for each finding.
Keywords:  crafter, tools, equipment
Tools and equipment used by a crafter.
Keywords:  ephemera, bead, artist, items, attach
Items used to attach beads and other items to bead work.
Small items collected by an artist to use in projects. Can also refer to found objects and ephemera.
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an act of "toxic terrorism
The determination of the issue as to whether an accused is guilty or innocent.
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Fire Fire-polishing
Information that has been discovered, especially by detailed study or inspection.